Unique Selling Points are out! Combined Selling Points are in!

We love going through the features and benefits, and of course unique selling points of the companies No Fluff works with. It’s good practice to go through these regularly as we tend to take certain things for granted in our offering, and it is re-energising to get the whole team excited about what you offer.

In an established sector, with several competitors, certain points are considered ‘basic’, and it is harder to find something ‘unique’ to offer.
You can struggle to find something unique that doesn’t cost a fortune to deliver or a huge culture change to implement. So what we find, sometimes, is that we say our unique selling points are A, B and C but in fact.. our competitors offer the same A, B and C.

So.. are yours really ‘unique’..?

Ask yourselves if your sales points are actually unique.

Often I see a company stating USPs which aren’t at all unique. All the competitors are pointing out the same USPs.
Which can be awkward.
If your competition is selling the same quality, features and service how are you going to stand out?

It may be you do have something truly unique about your service or product. So that’s an obvious place to start. But my first question would be ‘does the buyer care?’. If yes.. bingo. If .. not really.. then let’s try looking another way at your sales points.
But that’s for another blog.

So what do we mean by ‘Combined Selling Points’?

Look, I’m not saying let’s ditch all your USPs. Particularly if they are indeed unique. And especially if your buyer values the feature.

What I’m saying is that perhaps your combination of selling points makes you unique. Not one single thing. The whole kit and caboodle. Your own unique receipe of sales points.

Let me give you an example.

Hotel X, Y and Z are right next door to each other. Their prices are very similar.

Hotel X has great views, a fabulous restaurant, a pool and branded comfy mattresses.
Hotel Y has great views, fancy branded toilettries, and a big gym as well as a pool.
Hotel Z has great views, a pool and jacuzzi and branded comfy mattresses.

None of these features are unique.

However, each combination IS unique.

Which would you stay in? What is most important to you?

Personally I rarely eat in a hotel restaurant so that point wouldn’t interest me. I always take my own toilettries (and we should really not be encouraging tiny disposable plastic bottles). So I would probably choose Hotel Z as I love a swim and a jacuzzi and my sleep is super important so the comfy mattress would attract me.

My No Fluff co-Director, Lesinda, can sleep anywhere so she wouldn’t be won over by a branded mattress, but she loves working out so she may go for Hotel Y so she can use the gym.

It’s the combined set of selling points that are swaying the buyer.

What is your winning Combination of Selling Points?

Not sure? Book a No Fluff training session, we can guide you and your team through and find your perfect recipe for sales.
As for our winning recipe? We train teams like yours in person or virtually, depending on geography, how much time you have or how dispersed your team are. We match the training to the Associate that fits you perfectly. We JOIN your team – we don’t just lecture and walk away – we’re in it with you.
It’s pretty easy to find out more, just ask! hello@nofluff.biz

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