How it works in practice

Day 1
Before we visit

  • We will need time with the senior management to look at company goals and sales targets.
  • We look at your data, targets, sales, margins, bonuses, conversion rates etc. If you don't have them, we can help you start tracking to better understand your path.
  • We learn about your team, who you have, what they do, their strengths. We talk to them too.
  • We find out about your systems and processes and your sales messaging.
  • We will also look into your marketing (as a way to increase sales), your strategy (if you have one), your channels, results, branding... and we ask you and your team to do some 'homework' too.

Day 2
In Company

  • We establish trust and emphasise we are there to listen and help everyone, no judgement, no telling off, just a 'health check' to see where we are and look forward.
  • We will have 1-to-1s with the team.
  • Map current sales process (direct, B2B).
  • Shadow use of CRM and systems.
  • Shadow a sales call, email or meeting.
  • See how leads are delivered to sales and orders to 'ops'.
  • And whatever else we feel we need to look into...

Day 3

  • We gather our findings.
  • With the company goals in mind, we give a top 3 suggestion list to increase sales (the money back guarantee is based on these), but add all suggestions we believe will improve both performance and outcomes.