What does a Part-time Sales Leader do?

Joining your team

We join your team, leading with a coaching-based approach, increasing accountability, focusing on the right activity and goals to grow your sales.


  • You need more focus on the sales function
  • You are juggling many roles and need someone to take on the sales strategy
  • You need an interim head of sales
  • You need someone to oversee and drive the sales team
  • You want an expert to step in and shape the role of leader
  • You want to focus on other projects and need the sales function to be in capable hands

Doing the job

Each company is at a different stage with different needs. We look at any of the following aspects, depending on the time we have with you, but this isn’t an exhaustive list, and isn’t necessarily in the correct order for you!

  • Set goals and priorities
  • Set sales strategy and work out processes
  • Set KPIs and activity levels
  • Team coaching and training
  • Sales performance management
  • Time management
  • Leadership and motivation

How does it work?

No Fluff offers you 20+ years of experience and sales success with no full time commitment or cost.

It starts with our Sales Audit as “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. We find out where you are, and go up from there. If you’re not gathering sales data already, we will help. It’s not the headache you think it is, and it’s vital to drive sales forward and know you’re doing the right things.

Usually we are with you, virtually, for one to two days per month, split across the month, depending on your needs. And with it’s flexible nature you can increase or decrease our time depending on your needs.

  • We ask for 30 days notice of changes.
  • We work with your management team on goals and targets, translating them into action plans.
  • We listen and learn – engaging the team and empowering them.
  • We hold weekly meetings with them, getting real accountability, driving them, motivating them and working together to overcome obstacles, objections and getting them to goal.
  • We develop your team confidence and skills, work on pitching, closing and account management.

You have a regular No Fluff Leader that we match you with. But, our flexibility is there to help you, you can add in or swap some time for another No Fluff Associate, if you wanted more marketing input, for example.

You can add in more time, too, if a need for training was identified or you want a day on site of team building or training. With the benefit of already knowing and being trusted by your sales team the training sessions are not only bespoke, but powerful in their outcomes.