Old fashioned values – to increase your sales and client loyalty

“Mind your Ps and Qs,” was usually the last thing my parents would say as I went to a party/club/friends house. Meaning ‘Please’s and ‘Thank You’s.

Courtesy was a matter of pride but also – I learned- ensured you were liked by the grown ups and therefore invited back. It made sense to me from a young age to be respectful as it was the right thing to but it’s other benefits were great. More invitations! The trustworthy friend to be invited on trips! More treats at home time! And the important pride of my parents to be told their daughter is very polite.

This still holds strong today.

I’m not so worried about the party invitations or extra jelly & ice cream these days but I do still want to be known as polite, and I do, most definitely, want our clients to know I appreciate that they chose US! What an honour. And we will do everything to deliver.

Have a moment- think- do you genuinely appreciate the business they send your way or is it all a bit run-of-the-mill?

When you make the sale, are you sincerely saying thank you? Are you appreciating that they could have chosen another person or company? They could have deleted your emails, or not taken your call. Instead, they took time to listen and believe you. They’ve trusted you. That’s not a small thing.


Aside from courtesy, it makes sense to treat clients well in order to gain their repeat business and their word of mouth approval. When you have a good rapport and truly appreciate their business they are likely to become a fan of yours. And that is valuable marketing collateral.

I’m not saying you should say Thank You just for that- sincerity is key – but it has a bonus effect.

HOW to say thank you varies. I’ve had hampers, flowers, awards, cards.. all of which made me grin. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive- a heartfelt message of thanks goes a long way.

So when you are hiring salesfolk- watch their manners.

Thank you for reading our blogs, we hope they make you think.



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