Case Study

How working with No Fluff helped a summer camp provider improve their sales and give their staff CPD training.


  • Summer Camp
  • Education
  • Language

18 employees

3 camps



This summer camp provider needed to revamp their sales and to identify the areas for improvement. Their staff needed CPD training B2B and B2C.

100 new business bookings this month – the best we’ve done since May 2015! I’m so thankful for all you’ve done for us

No Fluff Support

Step 1

  • Free No Fluff chat with recommendations on how No Fluff can help

Step 2

  • We established the need for a Health Check plus 3 training days
  • In-depth discussion with management team
  • Questionnaires for team members
  • Analysis of needs and possible problem areas to define training and goals

Key Value Actions

  • Targets clarified
  • Reward system set up
  • Team mentoring
  • Product analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Process optimization


Overhaul of the mid to long term strategy, realigning the whole team adopting the same vision. CPD trained staff.

Actions identified through Sales Healthcheck

  • It was established that targets were unclear
    Targets were made clear, visible and motivating.

  • No reward system for sales staff
    An easy to understand, immediate reward system was set in place.
  • Some processes were lacking or non-existent
    Processes were optimised, building in extra care for booking customers, to increase retention and improve sales journey.
  • No post-sale care
    Previous customers were called to increase booking rates.
  • There were no sales calls being made
    Sales activity corrected and lead chasing calls were increased

Topics covered in training

  • Mindset shift from selling to helping
  • Sales process workshopped to increase conversion rate
  • USPs and unique aspects of summer camp
  • Differentiating from competitors
  • Objections and ways to block them, understanding the customers


  • Highest number of bookings since 2015
  • Newest sales hire converting as much as 30% of leads
  • Fired up, motivated and rewarded team
  • These increases covered the No Fluff cost several times over
  • Sales activity increased
  • Sales processes embedded
  • Sales team activity aligned to company goals