Case Study

How an educational agency and guardianship company improved their sales activity by working with No Fluff.


  • Education
  • Guardianship

14 employees



This educational agency and guardianship company needed an audit of their sales activity and to implement a long-term growth strategy.

The CEO needed help to manage time leading the team and clarity on the focus of that leadership.

Thank you so much for your thoughts, lots of really good feedback. I was reading your follow up notes, and found myself repeating "yes of course, why wouldn't you do that?!

No Fluff Support

Step 1

  • Free No Fluff chat with recommendations on how No Fluff can help

Step 2

  • We established the need for a combined Sales Healthcheck plus training over 3 days
  • In-depth discussion with management team
  • Audit of the entire sales process & recommendations

Step 3

  • Recommendations made
  • Targets defined
  • Optimal activity planned into each day
  • KPIs defined for weekly review

Key Value Actions

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Targets & commission clarified
    Sales pipeline analysis
  • Vision management
  • Accountability check
  • CRM set up
  • Sales process drill down
  • Technique training
  • Division of sales territories


Reconstruction of the sales process. Targets, commission, feedback system and CRM setup.

Actions identified through Sales Healthcheck

  • No post-sales process
    Previous customers were called to increase booking rates and retention.

  • No reward system for sales staff
    An easy to understand, immediate reward system was set in place. 
  • Some processes were lacking or non-existent
    Processes were optimized, building in extra care for booking customers, to increase retention and improve sales journey. Accurate recording of data embedded. 
  • It was established that targets were unclear
    Targets were made clear and visible. 
  • There were no sales calls being made

Topics covered in training

  • Mindset shift from selling to helping
  • USPs and unique aspects of defined
  • Differentiating from competitors
  • Objections and ways to block them, understanding the customers
  • Data to track and methods of tracking
  • Buy-in to CRM usage
  • 'Everyone is in sales' training for the whole team