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In defence of sales

Not every salesperson is motivated by cash. Not a surprise to anyone that’s seen Maslov’s hierarchy of needs, of course, and not a bolt of revelation for those that have to motivate a sales team of mixed personalities. Don’t get me wrong, some people are. Many salesfolk actually. But are they motivated by money, or…


Using the ‘5 Whys’ Method in your sales team

We already know that asking good questions is key in discovering customer need. We know that open ended questions are better than closed. So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to use the 5 whys method in your sales team What is the ‘5 whys’ method? Originally coined by an inventor at the…


Zoom Fatigue? Why? And 10 tips.

So we are mid-pandemic, or hopefully coming out of the other side of it now, but many people have successfully kept the wheels turning by working at home and very quickly adopting videocalls as a way to keep in touch with their teams and clients. Videocalls are awesome. They’ve saved us, really, in this time…


Expand your client base

Having the lion’s share of your sales coming from one market or handful of clients can be bittersweet. On the one hand it’s comfortable with regular, predictable income. On the other, it links your success to theirs, if they struggle, you will too. For and Against When starting up you find your niche and excel…


Unique Selling Points are out! Combined Selling Points are in!

We love going through the features and benefits, and of course unique selling points of the companies No Fluff works with. It’s good practice to go through these regularly as we tend to take certain things for granted in our offering, and it is re-energising to get the whole team excited about what you offer.…


Sales Acronyms. Clean ones.

There’s no getting away from acronyms, I’m afraid, and I am guilty of using a few myself, though usually I say them in full first. I thought it might be helpful to list a few, in case you come across them and don’t want to ask! Feel free to add! ABC – Always Be Closing.…


Status Quo – the sales obstacle, not the band..

When we sell to a new client (often in B2B sales) we are trying to change their minds. And the mind is a fascinating thing. The tendency for most humans is to choose the familiar option. To dumb this down a bit I’ll give myself as an example – when I go for an Indian…


What is a sales process map and how does it increase sales?

A sales process is a series of steps and actions you take to progress a prospect into a sale. These steps usually go from initial contact through to the sale itself but can (should!) go beyond. You may have seen them on your CRM Changing a ‘Lead’ to an ‘Account’ for example means you’ve progressed…


Sales tips: Client Meetings – body language

Whilst much of our sales leg work is done on the phone or via digital channels there is still a need for face to face meetings. Some sectors have more of this, some may have virtual meetings. How can we do our best in these meetings to create rapport, give a good impression and progress…


Sales calls – your pre-call planning

We know we have to get in touch with our potential clients and existing partners. We know that, whilst email is our best friend, that calls and real-life interactions create a better rapport, which leads to more sales. So when we call our prospects and our existing clients, let’s make sure we are purposeful.  …