Meet Nicky Blatch


  • She is an awesome coach
  • She excels at developing high performing teams
  • If your tribe needs to work more effectively, bring her in
  • She works on identifying and developing individual strengths
  • She is not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • She has huge empathy
  • She is a ridiculously good cook
  • Improving employee engagement for best performance is both a skill and a joy to Nicky
  • She has run her own executive coaching and consultancy for over 11 years with huge success and No Fluff is very lucky to have her as an Associate
  • If you want someone to quickly sort out your ‘people’ problem she is the guru
  • She has a son and two dogs, all of whom are very stylish
  • She coaches and consultants globally


Over 11 Years of executive consulting

Over 20 years of experience building teams internationally


Developing high performing teams

Helping business leaders to develop their strategic thinking and effectiveness ultimately growing revenue