Meet Lucy Greaves


Lucy Greaves
  • She is a business graduate who specialised in marketing, cut her teeth in PR and found herself in sales!
  • She has been involved in international education for over 20 years
  • She has a pragmatic yet friendly approach to all things sales related
  • She is an accomplished salesperson with a track record of quietly and consistently smashing sales targets
  • She specialises in opening new markets for language schools, having developed a strong client base and lasting friendships in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Ukraine and Brazil
  • She has successfully led sales teams always encouraging a focus on epic customer service
  • She leads by example encouraging others to excel by loving what they do
  • She has run her own consultancy for the last 2 years helping others achieve their sales goals
  • She is passionate about winning nice – succeeding without waging war
  • She doesn’t like wearing socks so lives between Brighton and Valencia – 2 great cities by the sea!


Over 15 years of experience in International Sales

Over 15 years of experience in Marketing

Over 10 years of experience in New Market Development



Print & Distribution




New Market Development

Sales Strategy

Market Research

Product Development

Competitor Analysis

Customer Service

Lead Generation

Team Development

I have known Lucy for a number of years and have always been aware of her excellent reputation within the language travel industry.

Recently Lucy has been assisting us enter some key international markets and has quickly established some excellent customer contacts. She is very professional and takes time to fully understand our products before approaching prospective partners. Her feedback about the response to our programmes is honest and timely, giving us a better understanding of the market trends and requirements.

Tony Wright, Director - CMT Learning