No nonsense business growth. Sales. Marketing. Finance.

About No Fluff

Through No Fluff you benefit from the skill set of experienced leaders
without the full time cost.

What is No Fluff?

No Fluff is a friendly, open but pragmatic approach used to get bums on seats, orders in the system, bucks in the bank and growth in your business.

Aligned and simple sales, marketing and finance methods mean less money and effort spent, and more revenue earned.

Whether you’re an individual looking to advance your career or your own business with solid training; a small or medium-sized business looking to get revenue up to the next level or a larger company wanting a refresh and some CPD for your leaders and teams, No Fluff delivers.

No Fluff believes in service, integrity and giving great value and service to clients. We like to work with people that want to grow, but want to grow… well.


Who works with No Fluff?

WINNERS, that’s who!

Seriously though, we can help those who want to grow themselves or their business

Working with No Fluff gives you decades of skills and experience from professionals that have tried and tested methods to grow and streamline your sales, marketing and finance processes.

Companies that want a steer on how to set up a sales, marketing or finance process, or to work with their teams on particular obstacles, launching a new product or service, breaking into a new market or to refresh and motivate them.

Individuals that want some coaching to clarify their goals, professional or personal. No Fluff will be the sounding board, the coach, the ally in establishing your goal and examine your reality and options for reaching that goal. No Fluff will keep you on track and make you accountable so you don’t lose focus, in a confidential, safe and stress-free place.

Small businesses that have become so bogged down by the day-to-day demands of their business, they haven’t made enough time for their sales, marketing or finance process, and are jeopardising the future success of their business.

Professionals that would like coaching on a particular skill or goal, whether in or out of their company.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups that want to establish a sales or marketing strategy, set up a practical process and learn targeted skills to rapidly increase their clients and make more sales. Plus those that need help interpreting the finance side to ensure they are on track, compliant and learn how to use their financial data to grow.

Who is behind No Fluff?

Nicola Lutz

  • She has been selling since she was five years old.
  • She has been training salespeople for 23 years.
  • She has trained salespeople with no experience through to CEOs.
  • She believes good customer journeys equal increased sales.
  • She has trained and created teams from many nationalities.
  • She is great at creating sales processes that work in practice.
  • She believes selling is fun, and simpler than most people believe.
  • She grew outbound sales calls tenfold with her first client within one week.
  • She shows teams how to break targets down. And hit them.
  • She believes that ‘no’ is the second best response to grow your business.
  • She is a languages graduate.
  • She is a proud Director of a media company in international education.
  • She is a trained coach and mentor.
  • She is a mother of two teens (have pity).
  • She is a speaker at events around the world.
  • She set up NoFluff for the pure satisfaction of helping sales grow and businesses flourish.
  • She loves coffee, the beach and is nearly always smiling.

Lesinda Leightley

  • She says marketing is a hobby, not a job.
  • She has worked across multiple industries; Education, Hospitality, Insurance, Media.
  • She has over 18 years experience.
  • She has endless energy.
  • She believes marketing is logic.
  • She has managed teams from 2 to 12 people.
  • She believes that anyone can be amazing at marketing, they just need a different view.
  • She prides herself on being passionate and enthusiastic.
  • She empowers her teams by giving them the freedom to make mistakes and try again.
  • She sees the long term vision.
  • She is a problem solver.
  • She says everything is possible.
  • She is proud Director of No Fluff.
  • She is a marketing graduate.
  • She studied psychology and counselling.
  • She is South African and speaks Afrikaans and English fluently.
  • She loves everything, especially making others feel amazing and special.

Lizzie Wojtkowska-Wright

  • She is a qualified accountant and Head of Finance
  • She has worked in both private and public sectors
  • She has trained finance teams with various experience, from many cultures and at all levels
  • She undergoes 40 hours of professional training each year
  • She is a PRINCE2 practitioner (PRojects IN Controlled Environments)
  • She believes in clarity and simplicity
  • She believes finance management is an art, not a science
  • She has been creating value, growing companies and their revenue and productivity for over 14 years
  • She halved bad debts with one of her clients in just one meeting
  • She loves to swim in the sea
  • She makes work fun, and excels at taking the fear out of finance and turning it into meaningful insights
  • She is always curious


No Fluff grows your business - sometimes you need help in areas that our associates specialise in.  These gurus follow the No Fluff ethos of delivering no-nonsense value and top-level insight to you. We know this as we trust them with our own business and have worked alongside them. We are very proud to work with these guys, they are not only leaders, they are great people.

We can build work with No Fluff associates into any package (and often do) or simply introduce you and work on projects together.  As with everything No Fluff, it's built around you.

Thom Jones

  • He is a lively trainer and public speaker
  • He speaks many languages fluently
  • He is highly experienced with cross-cultural selling
  • He worked for many large organisations in international education, including Study Group and EC as Director of Operations.
  • In the summer he is Principal of Oxford College International
  • He likes to work in his shoffice (shed/office)
  • He is guest lecturer at four UK universities
  • He trains teams around the globe in business and management
  • He is rubbish at maths
  • He has lived in more than a dozen countries and trained in over 70
  • He is passionate about establishing a great work-life balance
  • His mum thinks he is great, and so does No Fluff.

Rupert Johnstone

  • He is an international education icon
  • He has a talent for developing institutions going through the start-up, acquisition and merger phases
  • He has been in Education Management for 25+ years in pretty much every continent
  • He is a serial motivator. Time with Rupert puts rocket fuel in your engine
  • His network of contacts is impressive, both in and out of international education
  • His family charity 'Book Reach' transforms English literacy across the Subcontinental and Southeast Asia
  • He specialises in pre- and post-acquisition institutional restructuring.
    If there is change afoot – Rupert is your guy.
  • He is a massive football fan.
  • No Fluff is a big fan of Rupert.

Nicky Blatch

  • She is an awesome coach
  • She excels at developing high performing teams
  • If your tribe needs to work more effectively, bring her in
  • She works on identifying and developing individual strengths
  • She is not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • She has huge empathy
  • She is a ridiculously good cook
  • Improving employee engagement for best performance is both a skill and a joy to Nicky
  • She has run her own executive coaching and consultancy for over 11 years with huge success and No Fluff is very lucky to have her as an Associate.
  • If you want someone to quickly sort out your ‘people’ problem she is the guru
  • She has a son and two dogs, all of whom are very stylish
  • She coaches and consultants globally